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“Iñigo Quintero’s success is not limited to Spain. He has reached the top 1 of the most viral songs worldwide and that proves his ability to connect with audiences around the world and his promising future in global music”.

Iñigo Quintero is a 21-year-old talent born in A Coruña. In the last year, he has made a significant mark in the world of pop music. His references include prominent artists such as James Arthur, Dani Fernández, Charlie Puth, …. which has helped shape his distinctive musical style.

A year ago, Iñigo Quintero made his debut on the music scene with his first single, “Si No Estás“. This track marked the beginning of a promising career and quickly caught the attention of listeners. Impressively, “Si No Estás” reached the top 1 of the most played songs in Spain and the top 1 of the most viral songs worldwide, consolidating Iñigo as an artist to be reckoned with.

Since his debut, Iñigo has released four notable tracks. In addition to “Si No Estás“, his second single titled “Sobredosis” captivated his audience with its emotive lyrics and captivating melody. Most notably his collaboration with artist Hey Kid on “Será por Ti“, he has demonstrated his ability to create poignant and evocative music. Recently, his latest work, “Sin Tiempo para Bailar“, made together with Galician Javi Chapela, is a sample of his musical versatility.

Iñigo Quintero‘s most distinctive trait is his ability to fuse pop with piano elements in a unique way. This instrument, present in all his songs, adds depth and emotion to his music, making it unmistakable in today’s music scene. Iñigo‘s musical influences, which include renowned artists such as Dani Fernández and James Arthur, are reflected in his music. His songs capture the essence of emotionality and authenticity, two traits he shares with his influences.

Iñigo Quintero‘s success is not limited to Spain, as he has reached the top 1 of the most viral songs worldwide. This achievement is a testament to his ability to connect with audiences around the world and his promising future in global music. As Iñigo Quintero continues his musical journey, it is clear that his career is on the rise. His current success is just a hint of what is to come, and his promising future promises more emotional and authentic music that will resonate in the hearts of his fans.

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Si No Estás

Si no estás', the song by Íñigo Quintero that has gone viral in the last few weeks has not stopped achieving success, the last one climbing to number 1 in Spotify's Global Top. All this together with the fact that it is currently the most listened to song in Spain, occupying the first position in the Top 50 Spain. Only Spanish artists Rosalía, Quevedo and Saiko had previously reached the Spotify Global Top 20.

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